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August, 2010:

Eco Furniture That is Good For The Environment

Dieter Rams, designer – Cold War Modern from Victoria and Albert Museum on Vimeo.


When you think of the term “eco-friendly”, you think of things that won’t harm the environment and those living in it. There has been a tremendous focus, in recent years, on preserving the environment and the conservation of our natural resources. But for many, the concept of eco-friendly doesn’t apply to things like furniture. But it most certainly does! Eco furniture is an excellent choice when it comes to your next furniture purchase

Eco furniture is created from natural materials and the processing is done without the use of harmful materials that can poison the surrounding environment. Harsh chemicals that are used in the manufacturing of non eco-friendly furniture can affect those living nearby. The most harmful chemicals that are used will normally relate to those that are designed to make the furniture last longer and to protect it from damage by insects.

The problem with these “protective” materials is that they break down very slowly while filtering into the surrounding air. This can create a toxic environment. Interestingly enough, eco furniture that does not use these toxic materials is still more durable and longer lasting than the average piece of non-eco furniture. Other advantages of eco furniture include that some manufacturers will even make the effort to contribute to environmental causes. These causes can include organizations that try to prevent deforestation and work against global warming.

With a growing environmental awareness, the demand for eco furniture is ever increasing. The other interesting fact is that those who are looking to help the environment are finding about the other, quality-associated, benefits of eco furniture as well.

As for the manufacturing process, the wood that is used in the crafting of eco furniture is harvested from certified locations. These locations are not interfering with the balance of nature in the surrounding areas. After the trees have been cut for the manufacturing of eco furniture, new trees are planted in their place. In many instances, bamboo is the material of choice and bamboo is actually a fast-growing grass.

The purchase of eco furniture is an effective way of reducing our carbon footprint on the earth. This means mitigating the effects of irresponsible logging and global warming. When you purchase eco furniture, you are also setting an example for others to follow.

One of the other important features of eco furniture is there is a cost savings when compared to non-eco friendly furniture. Also, it is less expensive in the long run to the fact that it is generally longer lasting than standard furniture. There is a wide price range and styles run from traditional to modern. If you wish to view different examples of eco furniture, there are many online sites that can provide images for you to peruse. Modern eco furniture has a high level of sophistication and the pieces are rich in style. There is nothing boring about eco furniture as they are more stylish than ever before, thanks to its growing popularity. See for yourself why eco furniture has become so popular in recent years!