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August, 2012:

Modern Furnishing Trends For 2013

An integral part of design and furnishing is to plan for the future. You might start a project but will soon run out of designs and you’ll get tired of using the same decorating ideas much too frequently. If you intend on decorating your own house, you might find it similar to others’ place. Hence, it is important to look ahead for future furniture trends while designing or renovating rooms.

Here are some ideas that will be a rage in 2013:

Tufted Furniture

This is a relatively new trend that is becoming very popular. The use of tufted furniture in home décor is quite innovative and revolutionary. Tufted beds, sofas and armchairs are quite a rage today.  Judging by the popularity, this is going to last and make appearance on design magazines, stores, websites and shows everywhere.


Themed Furnishing

A big trend today which is likely to be followed in 2013 as well is the themed furnishing. More and more people are going for interior designing that is themed to express their state of mind. The popular themes are Harmony and Balance which is a contemporary direction that expresses space, time and calm; Sensual and Passionate, for the ‘at heart’ romantics; Nature’s Evolution, if you love the earthly elements; Retro and Vintage for the old times’ fans; Bright Loud Kaleidoscope for youngsters; and Dark, Nocturnal Styling for the bachelors and fans of the gothic culture.


The Good Old Times

The reemergence of decorating the old way is another hot trend for the next year. The use of accessories that blend with the soft colors; the vintage art pieces and antiques; the aged out show pieces all combine to give your room that rustic, mysterious look and is bound to take you back a few decades.  This includes using the tufted furniture with the suitable upholstery.


Contemporary Yet Modern

Another recent trend is the usage of furnishing lines that are contemporary yet appeal as modern. Such trend is going to last as they are definitive and sleek. They offer innovative experimental designs and ideas. With more and more people choosing to decorate off the shelf, this trend is sure to catch up vigorously in 2013.


Recycle And Reuse:

The use of reclaimed materials to make furnishing ranges is another innovative trend. Recycled metal, glass, wood etc. are widely being used to carve out furniture. Barn wood and even old flooring is helping the cause. These not only are eco-friendly but are also pocket-friendly.  The products made from them like head boards, desks, consoles, media stands are not only appealing but also have a high longevity. Glass recycled pieces are also in vogue and are widely used to make side tables and show case doors.


Accessorize To Accentuate

The trends change. Fashion goes away. So, be sure to accessorize the furniture with timeless antiques, relics and art pieces to add to the niche.

Combine these ideas with your own, sprinkle some warmth and hospitality and watch how your house transforms to a perfect home!


The Architectone is an art installation realized in August of 2012 by a french artist, Xavier Veilhan. The Viennese-American architect Richard Neutra’s modernist house in Los Angeles, California gave rise to the said art installation. This site-specific installation is said to express the architecture of the building and its history. [1] It is the first of the incoming art installations in Modernist landmarks by the said artist.


Architectone is made from Richard Neutra’s VDL Research House built in 1932 located in Silverlake Boulevard, Los Angeles, California. It occupies a 190-square kilometer land area. It is considered a Richard Neutra’s “first stop for his worldwide investigation of art within the context of modernist architecture”. [3]


The art exhibition is generally inspired by a monochromatic mood. It consists of statues, modes, and other objects distributed all throughout the site. [2] The said sculptures are artistically situated in the front garden, ground floor, rooms, and pool.

Visiting hours

The art site accepts visitors on Thursdays and Friday between 3PM to 8PM and during Saturdays and Sundays between 11AM to 4PM.



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Clopen shelf


The clopen shelf is a furniture design conceived in April 2012 by a Japanese architecture firm Toraku Architects,Inc.. It is a thin shelf equipped with a hidden drawer which can be opened by detachable magnetic knobs. It features a compact compartment which can be totally concealed from sight and can contain small articles. The design is supposed to keep small and important articles. It is currently in production with a Japanese manufacturing firm Tanseisha Co., Ltd.[3]


The total thickness of the clopen shelf measures 34mm while the concealed drawer in it measures 23mm. The overall dimension is measured W900 x D150 x H34.


The shelf is made up of aluminum parts covered with a natural wood pattern.[4] It has also a portion made of Japanese ash. The knobs used to open the hidden compartment are made of magnets.


The official website of Toraku Architects, Inc. has announced that clopen shelf production will be handled by Tanseisha Co., Ltd. The production of the said shelves has started last July 7, 2012. As of the details of availability and pricing, no further details were announced in the company’s website.



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There are a lot of people out there right now who are looking for furniture that would be perfect for their homes. Some of them read interior design blogs to check out what’s in and hip, while some of them just go for what they want, no references needed.


But here’s the thing, not all furniture are made the same. So it is really important to consider the location of your home, the design of your home, and your own personal aesthetics.

More often than not, classic furniture is made from solid wood so they are usually big and really, really heavy. In older times, the cushion seats and mattresses of this type of furniture were used to be stuffed with horse hair or cotton, and the most commonly used fabrics for classic furniture were silk and, of course, cotton.

Modern furniture, on the other hand, is made of lighter materials. These materials range from iron and colored wood like pine. This type of wood is a popular choice for modern furniture designs.  Other light materials are also commonly used for modern furniture sets. These include chipboard and laminated wood for office furniture, wardrobes and kitchen cabinets. Some other materials for modern furniture are glass, strengthened plastic, polyester, and other types of fabrics.

Apart from material differences, classic and modern furniture have other significant differences. One very evident difference is the color transformation. Classic furniture sets are mostly blacks, whites, creams, and browns. Although modern furniture sets still use these colors, most designs also have a pop of bright colors: pink, red, purple, and the like. Pattern designs and textures for fabrics have also changed. Gone are the days when birds and flowers of all kinds invade our sofas. These patterns are now replaced by asymmetric geometrical shapes, leopard and zebra prints, and more.

The maintenance of modern furniture sets is also easier compared to that of the classic ones. Nowadays, cleaners, polishers and stain removers are specifically made to keep the materials used for modern furniture in tip-top condition. Since they are made of lighter materials, modern furniture sets are also easier to move around so they are perfect for condos, apartments, or homes with smaller spaces. Most modern designs also have the edge in the area of comfort. However, classic furniture sets have better edge in the area of formality, so they are perfect for conference rooms, contemporary hotels, and the like.

So if you’re one of the many people looking to amp up your home, consider these differences before you choose your furniture. And remember, the best choice is always the one that fits your style, budget, and personality.

The beauty of teak Outdoor furniture

outdoor furniture

The appearance of a house is greatly enhanced by the outdoor ambiance. One of the first things that will jump out at potential buyers is that furniture made from teak wood. Because of its natural beauty and durability it is a popular choice for outdoor furniture and it is consistently among the most expensive.

The reason is that teak is valuable both for its elegance and its durability. Beyond its beauty, it also possesses some natural properties that other woods don’t have. Teak is used for shipbuilding. It makes an excellent ship wood due to its ability to ward off dry rot.

Since the best wood furniture made from teak comes from mature trees, it can take around 80 years before a teak tree planted today is harvested for wood. Because of this, and because teak is such an excellent wood material, old teak is often reclaimed. This is why teak wood is so prized and so valuable.

The properties that make teak such a well-suited material for this use is two-fold. It also has an exceptionally tight grain that resists splintering. Both of these qualities have served to make it a perfectly suited material for the construction of quality outdoor furniture.

Teak outdoor furniture is remarkably long lasting and although relatively easy to care for, it still requires special attention on a yearly basis to keep it in tip-top shape.

There are particularly harsh cleaners that could damage your teak outdoor furniture, therefore only recommended cleanser should be use.

Before cleaning your outdoor teak furniture, inspect it and try to recall what other products you have used in the past. Teak furniture does not require any sealants at all, and will last just as long with a minimal amount of care if left natural.

If you have set-in food or drink stains or there are other stubborn stains that still appear when the teak is dry, you may need to use a specialized teak cleaner. Specialized one-step teak cleaners can often be found at boat shops or online boat supply retailers.

So, a spacious outdoor with nice trendy looking outdoorfurniture like teak fixed with beautiful and soft outdoor lighting can double the beauty, elegance and value of the house. When you have a spacious outdoor area, your design can be planned to include a pool, an outdoor kitchen, a large patio or an aviary.

You can also include a pretty looking pergola for providing cool shade from hot sun. An important part of an outdoor design is to ensure well-laid paths are constructed with proper outdoor lighting. You can add a hammock with a stand for lounging in comfort.

Comfortable and durable outdoor furniture is essential as most of the time, we love to spend our days outside enjoying the breeze and sunshine. That is why teak outdoor furniture’s are one of the best furniture’s to invest with. Make sure that your pergola designs and teak outdoor furniture can complement each other.

With perfect layout and thorough planning, your outdoor area can become the great stuff you ever dream of!