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September, 2012:

The Little Extras of Outdoors Furniture

When it comes to selecting the best outdoor furniture for your back yard, you may have the basics in mind. You know you need a table, chairs, possibly even a couple of loungers around the pool to make an area where you are comfortable kicking back and enjoying your yard. But there are other pieces of outdoor furniture you may not have yet considered.

Rolling Carts

If you do a lot of entertaining outside in your back yard, think of all the times you go into the house to get things you need and then try to balance as many items as you can in your arms to bring them out to your guests. Often one of two things happens. Either you have to take a number of trips to get all the things outside safely, or you over stack your arms and end up spilling or breaking something. Instead, why not have a rolling cart available as part of your outdoors furniture that you can wheel inside, get all the things you want and bring them out for ease of service.


If you want to take that last idea one step further, why do you need to go inside in the first place? You could have a little refrigerator outside as a part of your outdoors furniture that will give you a place to keep those cold drinks waiting for anyone who needs them.


While you may love the sun, there is always such thing as too much of a good thing. Many people dash out to take in the rays, but after a little while decide that the sun is just a little too intense to take on without a little help. This is where portable chair umbrellas come in handy. You can use these umbrellas to block some of that sun so you can still enjoy being outside without feeling like you are cooking the whole time.

In Pool Pieces

The final thing you may want to think of is combining playing in the pool with lounging. There are now complete lines of furniture that are meant for just that. They are pieces that are essentially floating pieces of furniture that will allow you to enjoy the cool water of the pool while also reclining in a chair that used to be relegated for the shore. Some of the better pool outdoors furniture pieces even have armrests and drink holders so you can have all the comfort of lounging while in the water.

Bedroom Furniture for Twins


If you are the parent of twins you know they can be double the pleasure, but also double the trouble and often mean double of everything including bedroom furniture. As you start trying to sort out the bedroom furniture for your twins, you may be wondering how you are going to fit all the things they need into one room that the pair of them have to share. Here are some ideas to help.

Under Bed Storage

Since you are going to have to have two beds in the room for them, why not maximize the use of those beds.  Many of the beds on the market have more than mattresses and frames that may get your attention; they also have storage options under the bed. From a simple shelf or drawer to a complete set of drawers that are crafted into the bottom of the bed, imagine how much help this will be in planning the space of the room. You will be able to put a lot of their items away without taking up more of that precious floor space.

Bunk Beds

If you really don’t want to take up all the floor space in the room with beds, you may want to look into bunk beds as you are purchasing bedroom furniture. This is where one bed is on top of the other to take up half the floor space for double the bedding. This works for twins who are younger, but as they get older they will likely want their own beds that are not stacked on top of one another.

Desks Under Beds

Instead of bunk beds, there is another bedroom furniture option that will still help you maximize the height in the room while solving your bedding problem and other needs in the room. School aged children always need a desk to work at for homework. Why not make that a part of the bed? As you are out bedroom furniture shopping, look for children’s beds that have a bed on top and a desk underneath. As you plan out a room, you may be able to put these at alternating corners of the room so your kids have their own individual workspace that also holds their sleeping space.

Highboy Dressers

The final thing you are going to want to think of while you are looking for bedroom furniture for twins is to make sure they have a place to put away all their clothes. Traditional dressers take up a lot of floor space, as they are wide and not so tall. Trying to fit two of those in a room with two beds may be an impossible task. Instead, while you are looking for bedroom furniture, look for highboys. These are dressers that are high, instead of wide. They will hold a lot of clothing without taking up a lot of floor space.

Finding a Great Deal on Patio Furniture

Whether you have just gotten a deal on a great new home or are in the midst of making a few changes to your current home one of the areas that many people are focusing on right now is the patio area. It makes sense. Summer is here, that means it’s time to head outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunlight. You can’t do this if you don’t have patio furniture in place.

You need a place to really kick back, relax and enjoy just watching the day go by or enjoying a drink and some snacks with family and friends. So how do you go about getting patio furniture at a price you can afford and are happy with? Well there are a lot of options.


If you are willing to have used patio furniture on your back porch, you may want to try some of the various places that offer this up for sale. From garage sales and estate sales to auctions, newspaper want ads, Craigslist offerings and even thrift stores, there are lots of pieces of used patio furniture out there. The main thing to think of is to make sure that the pieces you are getting are going to last. Often you don’t know what the last owner did to these pieces of furniture and if they have been abused and are going to have a short life with you. You want to make these types of purchases very carefully.

Watch the Ads

The next thing you need to do is keep your eyes open for advertisements that let you know where you can find the patio furniture you want at the price you want. With the economic times being what they are, plenty of furniture stores are offering great deals on pieces they are having a tough time getting out of the door. All you need to do is watch for those ads to come out and then go shopping and enjoy the savings.


Have you ever been to a country where you never pay the price that is actually listed on the items you are thinking of purchasing. In many other countries, that first price is a starting point for negotiating. You are supposed to offer a lower price and then go back and forth until you meet in the middle for something that makes you both happy.  Well, this is now happening more and more here in the US. Talk to a sales person; let them know what you are willing to spend on the patio furniture and see if you can’t strike a deal.

Bedroom Furniture for a Boy’s First Bedroom

If you have been thinking of getting rid of your bedroom furniture or just upgrading a few pieces of that bedroom furniture you have there is really no time like the present to do it.  The current economy is giving you an open door policy to go out, make a purchase and enjoy the bedroom furniture pieces you have always wanted at a price you can afford.

Here’s what’s happening from the furniture store standpoint.

Before the economic downturn, furniture stores thought everything was going well. Real estate sales were high, which meant people were trying to purchase new homes all the time and they were going to furnish those homes once they moved in. That gave furniture companies all the incentive they needed to keep their showrooms stocked, wall-to-wall, with great things for all those new homeowners to buy.

Then the market turned. Home sales started dropping and people were not purchasing a new place to live, which meant they no longer needed those bedroom furniture sets and all those other furniture items for their homes. This left the furniture stores with a glut of inventory and not nearly as much money coming in the front door to pay for it all.

Had this just been for a couple months it would have been one thing, but it was not. As we all know, the economic downturn has been going on for a while and the long-term effect of that has been more and more strain on furniture companies.

Sadly a number of them have not been able to make it through this time. They have had to close their doors. If this is happening to stores around you, you may be able to use their sad story to your benefit. As these stores are going out of business, they usually hold a final going out of business sale to try and move any inventory they can and make some of their money back. If you are watching for these sales, you may be able to get a hold of whole bedroom sets at deep discounts, even as low as you may have expected to just purchase the bed for.

For those stores that have been able to hold on through this time, they still need sales. This means you can often name your price, or at least negotiate to a better price in the store. Talk to your sales person. Tell them the kind of bedroom furniture you want, but also let them know you have a limited budget. You may be pleased to see how much they can bend to make that sale you want at a price you like.

Most used areas in our home is the dining room

Dining Room Furniture

One of the most used areas in our home is the dining room. This is the place where you and your family enjoy a good meal every day. And your choice of dining room furniture is very important to make sure that what you choose can offer you and your family comfort.

There are different kinds of furniture pieces that are essential in the dining room. One of the most important furniture for the dining room is the dining table. Dining table is the main piece of furniture that a dining room cannot do without. Just imagine a dining room without a dining table. There are diverse shapes and designs of dining tables that you can choose from. You can find round shapes, rectangular, oval and square shapes dining tables. Though, round shapes are the most favored shapes of dining tables today.

There are some important factors that you need to take into consideration before purchasing furniture pieces for your dining room. First thing that you need to consider is the size of your dining room. Make sure that you take the exact measurements of the entire dining room space.  This will give you an idea on the right size and shape of dining furniture pieces that you can buy.

Next, is the style of dining room furnishings that you want to have in your home. There are different styles of furniture for the dining room that you can choose from. Your choice of furniture will depend on your own personal taste and preference.

There are diverse kinds of dining room furniture available in many local furniture stores, as well as in thousands of online furniture stores. Today, more and more individuals opt for online shopping, as it is more convenient to shop online. With the thousands of online furniture stores you can find in the Web these days, you have the advantage of searching for furniture pieces that you are interested to buy. Also, you can check their prices and compare them with the other furniture stores.

From then you can decide where you can get the best deal and the best furniture pieces that you want to have in your home.