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October, 2012:

Go Green When Online Furniture Shopping


For many who are redecorating their homes, one of the most important things in their mind is making sure they can also be protecting the planet the same time. So can you decorate your home and also be environmentally friendly simultaneously? Luckily, in today’s world, it’s not that hard to go online furniture shopping and find plenty of green options.


The first option you have is to reuse furniture so that it doesn’t end up in the landfill. There are few different ways to do this. First is to take furniture you already have and fix it up to give it a new life. Often pieces of furniture that people are ready to destroy really could become almost new again with a little work. If it’s wobbly consider putting new hardware in. If it’s got some scratches and scrapes perhaps on the surface a finishing job will make it seem like a brand new piece.  Why you’re doing online furniture shopping you may be will find some tips and tricks that you can use to recycle some of your old furniture pieces.

Another option is when you are online furniture shopping to look for pieces of furniture that are made of recycled items. Plenty of plastics, wood, metals and other items are recycled today to make new pieces of furniture to go in your home.


The next option is to choose renewable furniture items for your home.  Renewable means it is made of items that are sustainable resources. For example, bamboo is a sustainable resource. That means it can grow back quickly once it is cut down to be used to make furniture. As you are doing your home furniture online shopping look for online furniture shopping sites that offer options of renewable resource furniture items.


One concern many people have when they are shopping for green items is that they’re going to cost more. In the past, environmentally friendly items have traditionally cost much more than regular furniture items. However these days, there are even discount furniture online shops that sell more environmentally friendly furniture pieces.

When you’re ready to go shopping for your home furniture online, just shop around. It doesn’t take too long to go from one online furniture shopping site to the next and compare prices on similar items. That little bit of extra typing work can go along way towards a savings of money as well as letting you take comfort in the fact you’re still being friendly to the environment

Protecting Your Pool Furniture From the Sun


The sun is an amazing thing. Think about it. It gives our whole planet life. Without it, we would all cease to be. While it’s a vital part of our lives, it could also be a troublesome part of our lives if we let it. As you may know, the sun can have a damaging effect on your skin if you spend too much time out in it. But it’s not just your skin that can take damage. Your pool furniture may also be having a tough time dealing with the sun’s rays.

If you are in the market for new pool furniture, you may want to get to know the furniture pieces a little more so you can help to protect them from those sun rays.

Know the Material

Before you ever make a purchase, you should get to know the materials that the pool furniture you are buying is made out of. Some materials are more resistant to the impact of the suns rays, which can fade out colors and even break down material over time. Most new pool furniture pieces should tell you just what they are made out of. It may take a little extra effort on your part, but it pays to do your homework and know just what materials are in the pool furniture you are considering and whether it can handle all day in the sun.

Protective Coatings

In addition to finding a material that is more durable for the job of being your pool furniture, you may want to also consider looking into protective coatings for your furniture pieces. There are often coatings and applications that can make furniture pieces a little stronger and more durable which will help them hold up a little longer against the sun’s damaging rays.


Another thing you may want to think of is to give your pool furniture a break from the sun. Just like your body needs to get out of the sun from time to time, so does your pool furniture. If you can offer a little shade for your pool furniture, you may be able to extend its life. Whether you use a cover of trees, a porch or even portable umbrellas to help cover up the furniture, giving it a little shade can help lengthen the life of the material that makes up your pool furniture.


Bringing the Smokey Mountains Into your Home Through Furniture


When was the last time you were in the Smokey Mountains? If you’ve ever taken a trip to this area of North Carolina and Tennessee and enjoyed what the Smokey Mountains have to offer you may have wanted to bring some of that back home with you. Now you can with a little renovation work on your home.

Thankfully, you are not the only one who really enjoyed your lodge get away in the Smokey Mountains. Log cabin furniture has become very popular in recent years. So, it will be very easy to find perfect pieces to bring a piece of your trip home with you.

The first thing you need to do is decide if you just want a piece of the Smokey Mountains in your home or if you want to completely redo the living room in your home to remind you of your log cabin get away.

If you just want to have a touch of the trip with you, you may want a purchase a single furniture piece that reminds you of your trip. Perhaps you can find a table that’s been made out of a log. Many artists use chain saws and other tools to create tables, chairs, and other furniture pieces out of logs from the mountains.

If, on the other hand, you would prefer to create a whole log cabin get away room in your home you may need to look around more before you start buying. First you need to decide which room you are going to redecorate. Once you know which room you need to decide how much you really have to work with and whether you want to change the room from top to bottom to be more reminiscent of your trip.

You then move on to the measurements. You need to know just how much space you have in room so you know how many furniture pieces you will need and which ones will fit. Now, start shopping. You can begin by shopping for furniture online. This is a great way find out just what’s out there and which pieces may be the perfect ones for your room.

Once you start to narrow down to the furniture pieces you really want, start doing some price comparison. Perhaps you can find some of the pieces in local stores near you. If you are going to purchase from online furniture retailers, make sure you take shipping costs into account. Remember, many pieces of cabin furniture are very heavy as they are made out of logs and other pieces of heavy wood. Therefore, shipping can quickly get expensive.

Cabin Décor – North Carolina Furniture



These days when people are thinking of doing home renovation one of the very popular styles of decor is country furniture. More specifically many people are looking to redo their home with North Carolina furniture.

North Carolina furniture is a specific type of country furniture that not only has the feel of country decor but also has a touch of the mountains.

Imagine that you have taken a vacation get away in the mountains. You have managed to escape from the rest of the busy world. There are trees around you, flowing streams and wildlife that you can appreciate all day long. This is what North Carolina furniture can bring into your home.

In many respects North Carolina furniture is also casual furniture. You will feel completely relaxed and able to kick back and enjoy yourself once this style of furniture is in your home.

So what exactly is North Carolina furniture?

The first thing to think of when it comes to North Carolina furniture is what you would see in a cabin. As you begin your shopping, think about log furniture. This is more of a rustic style of country furniture. Log construction is the kind you would expect if you were on a cabin get away in the mountains of North Carolina.

Thankfully, there are many companies that spend all of their time doing nothing but creating log furniture. You can purchase furniture for every room of the home that has been created with logs and looks like it may have just been freshly cut out of the woods of North Carolina in recent days and turned into furniture just for you.

Once upon a time this kind of North Carolina furniture was expensive. You would have had to have it specially made by craftsmen. But thanks to the popularity of country decor and North Carolina decor in recent years it has become much more readily available in the mainstream.

That means, if you’re willing to shop around and do a little research, you may be able to fill your home with this style of North Carolina furniture for a very affordable price.  As you’re shopping, have fun with it. Remember this style of decor is also known as casual furniture. It should be relaxing and fun to purchase as well as use. So enjoy the process of redecorating your home and turning it into a log cabin get away.

Dining Room Furniture – Adjusting for Family Events


When you are confronted with selecting dining room furniture there are a lot of things to take into account. For many families, their regular family meals are small, intimate with only a few people involved. But then comes holidays. That’s when suddenly the population of the house will swell and it could double, triple or more as all the family comes to town to enjoy a meal together. So, how do you prepare for those large family gatherings while still not having furniture that takes over your house the rest of the year?

Here’s a look at a few options to be able to handle those huge family functions while not being overwhelmed by too much dining room furniture the rest of the time.

Dining Room Table

The first thing to consider is the table you’re using to feed everyone. Many tables have extra leaves that can be added to them to make them larger. So, for most of the year you can remove those leaves and have a smaller dining room table that’s perfect for your regular family. Then, when the rest of the family is in town, bring those leaves out to extend the table and be ready to seat many more.

China Cabinet and Sideboard

One of the decorative pieces that many dining rooms have is a china cabinet. The china cabinet is literally a piece that stores the china. Many china cabinets are created in a away to show off your best China but are also able to put away plenty more for those big family gatherings need to have. In addition to storing china, often the serving pieces, silverware, napkins, table cloth and other pieces there needed to create the holiday table are all stored in this one space.

In addition to the china cabinet, many china cabinets offer an option of attaching a sideboard. This is a great thing for those large family gatherings. A sideboard is just what it sounds like. It is a board that can go along side the cabinet that’s offers more serving and more dining space. Many china cabinets have pull down or removable sideboards so you only have to use them when you need them.

How many chairs do you have? You are going to have to make sure you have enough chairs to seat everyone who is over for those large family gatherings. While you may not have enough matching dining room chairs for this job, you may want to invest in some folding dining room chairs that can be hauled out for these occasions. Many of these chairs can be purchased to match your current dining room furniture and then dressed up with a chair cover so they still are classy enough to be a part of the family holiday meal.